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Over the Past 20 Years the airline industry has dramatically changed.

We have seen numerous more planes enter the scene, integrating brand new cutting-edge designs coupled with advancements in airline technology.

Flying from Sydney to London was once a challenge, but now with state of the art planes such as the Dreamliner or the Airbus A380, air travellers can now look forward to a more relaxing trip in an increasingly enjoyable environment. And what’s more, working conditions have greatly improved for airline employees.

However, code-sharing has ultimately lessened the accountability airlines should feel and caused their ‘service’ to lack. It gives rise for airlines to blame others for an event. Strong demand has also led to alternative airlines emerging, making it difficult to choose an airline that is right for us.

The Why About The Airline Reviewer
The Why About The Airline Reviewer

The airline industry is in many ways part of the global hospitality industry, with the means to serve up often wonderful experiences.

But, just the same, airlines can often create appallingly bad experiences, and without taking full responsibility, they have the potential to make headlines in the media for all the wrong reasons. For those of us who have spent years flying around on business trips, we have experienced both the good and bad of “jet setting” – be it in the front or back of the cabin!

The concept of The Airline Reviewer was founded after much frustration on a recent trip from Europe to Asia. A Southern European airline took little responsibility for their downfalls, leaving two travellers stranded to solve their own challenges. Even after the chaos, the airline’s customer service department continued to deny responsibility. A simple apology would have gone a long way.

On the flip side, airlines can provide great hospitality and service if they choose to do so. Swissair proved itself to a fellow traveler who was close to missing a connecting flight. They took full responsibility for the delay, going that one step further to ensure a successful outcome Airline staff work hard to service the travellers, but in most cases, we only ever hear the negative feedback. There are hardly any avenues to reward these staff with positive service feedback.

The vision of The Airline Reviewer is to offer travellers a ‘platform’ where you can review your in-flight experiences and help other travellers select the ideal airline, specific flight, class of travel or even the perfect seat number for the journey. The platform will also exist to help airlines understand those who travel with them.

We want to make airlines aware of their strengths and weaknesses and The Airline Reviewer will give them the opportunity to act when issues arise in the skies.

We hope you will join us on this journey.

Please tell us about your experiences, be they good or bad! The more information we have to offer airlines, the more they can do to improve their efforts to create a harmonious relationship with their travellers. Plus, the more reviews we receive, the more we can help you become a wiser and more knowledgeable flyer.

The Why About The Airline Reviewer

Thank you for being a Voice in the Sky.

If you have any questions, please send an email to .

Warmest regards,

The Airline Reviewer